Donna Towers Update

New Mortgage Sale Formula “Double Chance Recovering”

Project 90% completed, delivery August 2013

From January 2013 it will be available the new payment formula for the properties located in Donna Towers Dubai, for both residential and commercial units. Therefore, customers interested in buying will only be required to pay the 35% down payment, as the balance will be entirely covered by a bank loan with the new formula agreed between the bank and the developer called “Double Chance Recovering” and with this formula the guarantor for the repayment of the loan will remain the developer in respect of the interest paid to the bank.

Example twenty-year Mortgage amortization: 

Initial cost: 150.000,00 Euro

Deposit: 35% = 52500.00 Euro

Remaining capital: 97.500 Euro

Monthly share capital = ST. 182.00 Euro, Recovered by the customer

Interest amount = ST. 602.00 Euro, Recovered by developer

Property management carried out by the developer

Possible resale at any time

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20 Dec 2012