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Who we are

Seasif Holding, is a multinational group of companies headquartered in Dubai, UAE and Lugano, Switzerland which are providing a synergy of products and services that lead the private and institutional investors needs.

Besides the headquarters, the conglomerate is now composed of companies located throughout Italy, France, UK, Bahrain, Albania, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, and Ghana, working in different industries as: oil & gas upstream and downstream, financial and insurance services, consulting services, construction, engineering, research & development, real estate, raw materials, renewable energy and IT.

Seasif owns, operates, invests into and develops Real Estate, most notably residential and commercial towers in Dubai. The conglomerate includes also the successful Italian insurance company, U.I.A InternationalSeasif SHPK Albania owns a cement plant and developed a hydro power plant with 150 MW Capacity.

Seasif's second headquarters are based in Lugano, Switzerland where the group manages the advisory company G.I.Q. AG and has also invested into the technology sector having developed the two multi-service companies: Seasif365 Software and Mister Spark S.A.

Seasif Oil & Gas is the Commodities division of Seasif Holding, with branches in Switzerland, Dubai, Ghana, Bahrain, Turkey, Romania and UK, that manages acquisition, resale and distribution of commodities to the markets worldwide. Seasif Commodities internal staff has over 20 years of experience in the commodities sector specialized in purchasing petroleum products directly or for third parties.