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Cement Plant

In 2008, Seasif Holding ventured into the cement business and acquired mountainous land in Albania, and all the licences needed, in particular, to supply a wide range of cement products. In july 2010 Seasif started the works for the construction of the cement factory at Bushat-Shkoder, that will have a total annual capacity of 1.6 million tonnes, for all types and essential specifications to the demands of modern and present-day technology in the construction field.

Initially, the majority of its clients were in Albania and Eastern European countries. Eventually, with the anticipated rising market demands, Seasif has organized and prepared continuously, plans and programs to provide supplies to more countries in the near future.

The Investment budget approved by Seasif Holding is EUR 250 Million, which include; development, logistics, and marketing. Our products are all around, providing strength and durability to buildings of soaring dimensions, infrastructure that makes trade links more fluid, for the elegance of the most luxurious structures, stylish welcoming residences, and houses that provides comfort and security to families.

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