Ing. Franco Favilla, CFO of GIQ Petroli SRL, attended the conference for the re-launch of the Businesses and the “Mezzogiorno”

"The rise of the South through Sustainable Intermodal Logistics - The evolution of transportation and logistics for the revival of businesses and the “Mezzogiorno”" wants to put Italy in motion, starting from the South with a pact between companies, carriers and institutions: it is the challenge launched by Alis, which already counts 1200 people operating in the freight traffic in one year only. On Monday, 17 July, the consortium gathered at the Naples Maritime Station, a thousand delegates of the transport sector at the conference entitled "The revival of the South of Italy, through sustainable intermodal logistics".

Eng. Franco Favilla, at the invitation of Grimaldi Group, thepromoter of the event, took part in the conference, representing GIQ Petroli SRL Company, which carries out a comprehensive service of distribution of refined petroleum products on Italian territory, supplying the main private companies. Eng. Franco Favilla commented positively on the event and about the professionals who attended the same, who gave important professional opinions on the development and importance of the association, in this case Alis who, only one year after its establishment, could show obvious results for the South and North of Italy.

17 Jul 2017