With Seasif 365®, your website has a voice and your Marketing a heart

Seasif Group in collaboration with Mister Spark S.A. leader company in IT & C, has launched the Web Marketing Application "Seasif 365®", which has the ambitious goal of transforming the communication of any web site from a persuasive mode into an informative and relational one; giving to the virtual storefronts the interactivity in communication with its visitors, in order to make it truly operational and to give a fast real-time response to the users.


Mister Spark which holds the production and development rights for the “Seasif 365®” Application, has shown during the presentation to the board of directors, the infinite potential of digital communication in the coming years that will take the total upwind compared to traditional systems of Web Marketing. The Application is already on sale and available to all users who want to be a step forward both on the assistance and the addressing on web and also on digital corporate communication.


Seasif by its chairman, Franco Favilla, indicated a development plan that includes broadband communications, an advanced system for VoIP that will be integrated in order to make the availability of the company fast and constantly operating. The use of the "Seasif 365®" platform will bring businesses the ability to have strategic alternative services that will allow significant operational savings and increased performance in terms of analysis of the website to improve the effectiveness of communication.


But about this we will inform you in the following News.

15 Nov 2012