» Seasif Holding launches a new project and a great challenge into the green chemistry sector

Seasif decided to develop a green chemistry project in order to produce dietary proteins; the projectwill be developed in three phases starting with the first plant that will be developed starting from nextmonth. Seasif believes that commercial development will bring the company to [...]

27 March 2012

» Seasif announces the launch of the website

Seasif announces the launch of the new website dedicated to the project "The house of the future, today!" We [...]

20 March 2012

» Investment Opportunity, Private Placement

Seasif announces that the first annual deadline of the investments made using the funds raised through Private Placement issued on [...]

14 March 2012

» Seasif proceeds with the investments in technology

Seasif Holding proceeds to invest in technology, research and development, establishing a new significant partnership. Seasif and Iunxitech ch, combining [...]

27 December 2011

» Seasif Holding makes a step forward in the development

Seasif Holding, a leader group of the market, with more than 40 years of history and success in construction, engineering, [...]

5 December 2011

» Private Placement, Underwriting Overall Of 250 Million, 7% Income

Seasif Informa tutti gli investitori privati e/o istituzionali che emetterà un prodotto basato su un accordo di Private Placement Investment [...]

1 March 2011

» Seasif Proceeds With The Payment Of The Profitability

Seasif Holding is communicating to all private and/or institutional investors that will proceed with the payment of the Income, starting [...]

28 February 2011

» Seasif Announces:

Seasif Announces The Opening Of The New Website Dedicated To The Donna Towers Project, Www.Donna-Towers.Com In the new website you can find the latest [...]

15 December 2010