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Seasif Holding has decided to step into a new investment in Albania. The investment includes the construction of a hydro power plant with the 150 MW capacity. The structure will be built in Albania and will be managed together with an institutional partner currently carrying out its own activities in the energy field.

On 10th of September, the works have begun for the construction of the dam on " Drin River " which will be completed within three years.

The construction will cost several million euros and will enable the country to have more autonomy and also energy independence with the new energy provided, the State may promote a campaign aimed at the agricultural and industrial development of the country.

Seasif will proceed further developments in hydro power, in various countries, keeping as main reference the developing of hydro power that provides pure energy.

Hydroelectric power is produced as water passes through a dam, and into a river below. The more water that passes through a dam, the more energy is produced. Once a dam is built, an artificial man-made lake is created behind the dam.

Electricity is produced by a device called turbine. Turbines contain metal coils surrounded by magnets. When the magnets spin over the metal coils, electricity is produced. Turbines are located inside dams. The falling water spins the magnets. Dams provide clean, pollution free energy. 

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