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Digital Marketing

Marketing needs to update digital services offered by adding tools compatible with market changes, including New Media, establish a direct dialogue based on interaction between users, content sharing, worldwide visibility, online reputation management etc.

Having followed the long journey through various contemporary media channels, Seasif Group Marketing Department has found the "Magic Formula", but in the same time, intelligent and effective, for online marketing and advertising mix (using e-mail marketing, search engine ranking, sponsorships of thematic channels, promotion and interaction with social networks, through Newsletter campaigns, media Co-Marketing, press release online and many other interventions).

We are now able to offer support to our partners to achieve tangible results, because Internet has a great advantage; enables measurement of performance through log analysis, using tools that show us the user's origin, and how they move within the site, if they return periodically and if they have purchased, why they abandoned the "cart" just a step before purchasing, and move accordingly. The reports of online campaigns monitor the achievement of the site through links in sent emails, including contact details of their Lead, the collection of assessment data and the calculation of performance indicators and comparing the targets.

For more details contact the Marketing department direction: info.marketing@seasif.com