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Mister Spark is a Web Business Hub which develops Web Marketing Tools and Corporate Web Applications. We've built Mister Spark to allow you transforming your work in pleasure and to discover innovative tools, that work for you, instead of you. We have a large international business experience and we decided to share it, and transform it into creation of useful applications, that permit all our Partners to be one step forward and to use the technology in performing their business of all kind.

The support program "Spark Developing" has been studied together with European IT developers and the major leaders of International App Stores and Investors, to offer an opportunity for independent developers and IT companies to become part of a dedicated Business Hub, through which they can access Project Financial Support, high level Marketing and promotion of their projects, and many other benefits that allow developers to focus on creation, being protected and safeguarded by a number of services such as: consultancy, documentation, promotion, Financial Research etc.

  • Mister Spark S.A. has a start up budget of 1 Million Euro for the first year, with the possibility for the winning projects that we will chose, to enlarge to bigger amounts;
  • Every year Mister Spark S.A. will organize an Awarding Event named "Spark Developing Awards", where all our Executive Partners will be invited and we’ll reward the best projects selected during the year;
  • Every year, the best 3 Executive Partners collaborations will receive our proposal to become share partners in an important project where they will have the opportunity to take part ot the Project Income.

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About Mister Spark

Mister Spark is a Business Hub and an awesome start-up incubator that gives all IT developers the opportunity to work in a protected and serviced environment and to be part of a professional core team who offers them full support.

Spark Developing is dedicated to Web or Desktop Developers, Software Engineers, IT Companies, Web Designers or other Project Producers who need Project Financial Support and a safe Intellectual Property Protection.

Now you can connect your Applications with the main industry investors, and we take care of the business, letting you do the job you know better, create!

You become an Executive Partner in all respects having one Company Share, which gives you the possibility to introduce yourself and your activity in front of your business partners and investors as a solid structure with a professional production and a legal representation;

In this way you will have a prestigious business card as an Executive Partner.

Some of the Benefits:

+ Partners benefit from our unique business structure and a "virtual office" to keep project teams connected. Partners are involved in projects through every step.

+ One serviced office at your disposal whenever you need to come and develop your activity and lean in the company’s headquarters offices; One meeting room space at your disposal for your needs to meet investors, partners or buyers;

+ One assistant will answer at phone calls and forward all the messages we receive for you, in English and Italian, you will also have someone who will assist you for any requests inside the company.

+ Dedicated Assistance: One dedicated team who will support your office needs. Whether you need administrative or marketing assistance, or just simply to have someone meet your guests, Mister Spark can assist you in Switzerland head quarters. Trained and experienced Client Relationship Executives give you the ultimate support for your business needs.

+ We’ll do for you Financial Research (investors) to help you complete the development of your Applications and Products; To find out all benefits please contact us, some details are protected by Company Confidential and thus cannot be shown here.

The subscription list to become Executive Partner of Mister Spark S.A. is open to all interested IT developers or whoever needs the support services we offer. You must only send us your request to become a Mister Spark Executive Partner, and we’ll prepare all documents needed for the adhesion.

Once you will send the subscription request, one of our assistants will contact you for more details.

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Generally we are able to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.