Donna Towers, already popular in Dubai as “The Flower Towers”, as per its rounded with petals shape, is in the final completion stage.

Donna Towers project is in the final stage of completion. As required by Dubai Authorities, it has followed the new construction regulations that provide new safety standards, so the project was updated with the latest technology for the safety and energy savings. 

They have increased the diameters of cabling and conductor bars to improve security and avoid any factual issue of overheating of the plants. In addition new technology additions has increased the energy savings allowing tenants to have very low maintenance costs.

The finalization of the residential tower is now almost completed. The finishes have been approved and brought to a higher level with the addition of new materials, which will improve the overall projects dramatically. 

The completion that has undergone various delays, in the end resulted in positive effects as well as many opportunities to accomplish the completion with the highest possible quality. The developer, Seasif Group, believes that “There aren't currently any other Dubai buildings that have this level of security with the latest technologies of our buildings. In addition with the best finishes we added our construction for our residential and commercial properties is second to none.”

The structure is composed of 280 apartments of various sizes and 240 offices with approximately 890 interior parking spaces and two floors dedicated to basic services such as the 400 meters gym and the nursery to accommodate children.   There are three restaurants, laundry facilities and a leisure area for owners and also the pool dedicated solely to the residents who will enjoy the comfort available in a mixed structure in the project Donna Towers. 

According to the analysis of the best designers and engineers in the industry, Donna Towers reaches an important design consideration standing out for their beauty and efficiency that has been brought to its full capacity, in a strategic location on Emirates Road with easy access to the whole Dubai and to the elevated Metro in all directions including the new airport. Many apartments and offices enjoy splendid Dubailand views, as well as sights of the famous Sheikh Zayes Road skyline including Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. 

The CEO of Seasif Group, Eng. Franco Favilla reminds us of another important key feature: "It's very important not to forget the leasehold property is granted for 99 years as well as total exemption from direct taxes.  Dubai Silicon Oasis is the only area where the residents can live in and work in the same tax free context.

This solution will allow owners to value their property in an unique way that has nothing to do per value and quality with the trend of Dubai real estate market as an object that lends itself to a variety of financial solutions and tax demands from the market."


06 Apr 2015