Excellent tool to increase and facilitate the E-commerce sales, the voice free support software Seasif365®

Seasif 365 ® stems from the web sites real need to acquire a direct communication with the visitors and to speed up and simplify the exchange of information, and thus remove the probability that the visitor desist in its intention to interact with the company.

Seasif 365 ® is a Software that can be used on any type of device, Smartphone, Tablet and PC, which allows the interaction at any time via voice, chat, video, email.

Seasif 365 ® is integrated directly into websites, and offers benefits to both visitors and businesses.

Visitors need online assistance, to receive the correct information about the products they are looking for and to be guided and advices to the purchase action.

With Seasif 365 ® website visitors get a direct contact with experts who can offer in real-time, all the information they need with a simple click!

Today's users expect fresh, relevant and customized content, to provide a personalized web experience can be an expensive and complicated effort and with unsure results. Seasif 365® gives online businesses the power to easily bring the website a higher return and by using the statistics obtained, companies will know the number of the website visitors, their interest level, who they are, why they came to their website, their geo location, which allows to customize the offers and offer personalized and targeted messages saving time and money.

Who already use Seasif 365® Software, have noticed an immediate visits increase and the growth of new business opportunities, and they declare it a highly innovative web marketing tool extremely adaptable to each business different needs.

To discover the potential of the Seasif 365® Software visit the website www.seasif365.com

Source:  www.comunicati-stampa.net

31 Jan 2013