From Dubai to the finest Italian Grandhotels.

Seasif Holding, a  company with headquarters in Dubai, aims for the first time to the Italian Market. In fact, it’s now addressing to the real estate sector, particularly to the hotel sector,

identified as the most suitable to bring out the full potential of development, which  in recent times has remained unexpressed in in the “Beautiful Country” (- Italy, the “Bel Paese” described by Dante).

The President and CEO of the Company, Mr. Franco Favilla, who grew up professionally at

Bear Stearns in New York and has become an expert in the field of industrialization processes of construction and development of real estate, has declared that “ Seasif controls a multinational group, made of insurance companies, oil exploration activities, infrastructures for hydroelectric usage, trading of oil products,  active for fifteen years in various market sectors that go beyond the pure Real Estate. To this day, Seasif has completed several projects in the emerging markets of America, Africa, UAE, Asia and Europe”. This year will be the year of the turning point for future investments. "Our corporate mission is to build, by geographically diversifying, without using debt instruments”, continues Mr. Favilla. “For 2014, we have allocated a budget of 850 million euro just to put in place a strategy focused on the development of new projects in the field of Italian hotel business. This is such an important amount, which represents a decided signal of confidence in the possibilities of recovery for Italy. "We hope to achieve our investment goals in about 3 or 4 years”. According to Mr. Favilla, “of course to do so there must be a political stability and a renewal of government, which are two key elements to foster the development of business initiatives relevant entity."

In 2014 the group achieved a consolidated turnover of € 14 billion, most of which resulted from the development of the oil sector and green fuels. Among other new features this year, there is the conclusion of an agreement with Formosa Group of Taiwan, that makes Seasif the exclusive distributor for the European market of new ecological and biodegradable plastics up to 90%, which can be used in green building.

Source CORRIERECONOMIA / Monday, June 23, 2014

Isabella Ruschena

14 Oct 2014