Modular Sustainability – Part 2

There is no doubt that the world needs additional homes for the current population. This deficit results from a incongruous real estate development that has built without sizing the market and failing to answer real world needs and from the lack of financing options, among other factors, as housing financing is available to only a small percentage of the total population.

Seasif Sun Technology and A++ are joining forces to take innovative action to address these issues. The introduction of new techniques and the implementation of a different commercial and financial approach of the real estate market along with joint private-pubblic initiatives to promote sustainable housing development, can induce one particularly significant step forward.

As we all know, sustainable housing refers to the homes and communities developed with the objective of reducing environmental impact through the use of ecological materials, equipment and practices and improving the quality of life for society by creating a social fabric that fosters prosperous societies, as opposed to simply building mono-market targeted cities with little to no interaction among inhabitants, and last but not least, increasing access to new and sustainable financing scheme to allow the youngsters and the less wealthy people, an access to a finely built dwell with the lowest impact on the future owner’s income.

With this in mind, the aim is simply translatable in numbers: Allow the public the possibility to buy a house whose worth starting from 270.000 for a price as low as 40.000 €.

How? The process, although the result of a complex conceivement, turns out to be extremely simple:

  • Seasif Sun Technology has developed partnerships with major energy companies to “sell” solar plants spaces.
  • Seasif Sun Technology and A++, are designing and producing sustainable housing units that Integrate a solar plant in the form of a architecturally designed solar roof
  • The roof is eventually lent to the energy company for which an annual lending fee is payed to Seasif Sun Technology.
  • The house, worth starting from 270.000 €, is sold to the client and a mortgage, deducted of the fees that the energy company will pay in the years, is issued by the producers financial division.
  • The photovoltaic / thermic roof will produce hot water for the house use, and electricity exclusively for the energy company.

In the end, the client owns a high quality, new and highly sustainable house, for a fraction of the price needed to buy a smaller, not sustainable, old house.

this sustainable housing initiative is not only a commercial viable solution for both the producer AND the client, but innovatively addresses several of the countries problems, namely, a sustainable housing deficit, the marginalization of low-income families and youngsters, with the corresponding lack of social integration, and the growing environmental concerns.

The housing units are currently being sold worldwide.

Stay tuned for more on this matter.

14 Feb 2012