Modular Sustainability

Seasif Sun Technology is working in tight collaboration with A++, to join expertise’s, operational and engineering’s knowledge, to design and develop exceptional self-sufficient residential units that respond effectively to the more and more important demand for a fully sustainable and self sufficient dwell, in the housing scenario.

The new housing unit will host an innovative, light weight and extremely sturdy fiberglass, kevlar and resins’ compound structure, especially extruded to both be used as beams and pillars of the building and to house different typology of insulating packs, (Rockwooll or basal fibre) chosen with referral to the climate zones, in order to avoid temperature changes and provide more protection against humidity to the house.

An aluminum structure is than anchored to the building exteriors face, supporting extruded porcelain stoneware slabs that compose the facade and creating a few centimeter gap between the insulating packet and the external wall.

Extruded porcelain stoneware becomes a totally new material that brings to the project the joint advantages of an exclusive extrusion-based technology, such as low thickness, mechanical resistance and structure elasticity, with the typical benefits of porcelain stoneware, such as aesthetics, water-proofing and durability.

The building structure is then covered with a roof that integrates a new typology of solar panel that serves both to produce electrical energy and thermal energy to fulfill the house needs in terms of energy consumption, heating and cooling.

The new panels are built by mounting mono-cristalline solar cells directly into extruded porcelain stoneware which is being provided with small holes in its thickness where a coolant liquid is injected. The coolant injected into the panels exchange its thermal energy with the cells, keeping them cooler and thus maintaining a higher level of efficiency for energy production. The so heated liquid is then covered to an indirect heat exchanger, which leads to the production of hot water, which is then used directly for thermo-sanitary uses, or for heating and cooling with an addition of a heat pump.

This house of the future will boast many advantages such as a LEED PLATINUM certification the use of Environmentally-recyclable materials to 80%, Summer natural ventilation
Natural cooling and the base structure will be sold inclusive of structure + finishes and all plants such as air-water heat pump, electric kettle with hot water storage, forced air exchange with heat recovery, photovoltaic thermal plant, heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing and sanitary system.

Its production costs will not directly place burdens on the client’s pocket since the type of construction generates financial benefits to the end user that can use them as an immediate recovery of the money spent for the purchase of the property.

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09 Feb 2012