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The Holding's Assets are buildings and lands owned and co-owned with subsidiaries of the group, and consist of residential, commercial, offices, logistic platforms, industrial areas, land properties and hotels. We guarantee our professional commitment to the projects and carry all the stages at 360°:

  • The Selection of Investments
  • Acquisition Process
  • The Asset Management
  • The Property Management
  • Financial and Administrative Management
  • Renovation Works
  • All Construction Development Works at every stage
  • Realization of Mix Projects
  • Marketing Services
  • Investment Consulting Services
  • Real Estate Transactions Full Support for Equity Funds and Private Investors
  • Risk Management

The Real Estate division of Seasif Holding, operates in France since 2005 through it’s company “F.A.M.F.”, with an unique business formula of investing and restructuring Luxury Prestigious Assets in the most renowned Paris locations with projects as: Rue de Teheran, Rue de Stockholm, Rue de Dantzig, Boulevard Poissonnière and Rue de Rome.

Today Seasif French Real Estate division continues it's core business in the same field across the 20 years established company "CODICIM S.A.S." together with the new established company, "2 The Gate S.A.S." and has enlarged it's goals to investing in Luxury Real Estate: Residential, Commercial and Hotel Assets. And where else we could invest if not Paris, this world-class city that filled with iconic buildings and historic architecture that became the most important European business hub for world wide investors.

Purchased Buildings:

The most recent purchased building is: Rue Jules Guesde, Levallois-Peret.