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Underwriting Insurance Agency

UIA is an underwriting agency specialised in niche areas, offering the most consistent and fast adaptation to changes in the insurance market.

Our knowledge of the international insurance business and the specific understanding of the individual risk and how it should be covered, allow us to offer the most appropriate insurance coverage for the needs and desires of your customers.

The services provided by UIA, offer the subscribers, the most experienced and qualified specialists in the market, creating new areas of insurance, such as kidnap and ransom, space and aviation and cyber-liability, in addition to covering most standard class insurance. It also uses a wide range of modern computer systems to process the millions of risks faced each year.

Underwriting Insurance Agency Srl is an underwriting agency specialized in high-risk insurance for Public Liability and Professional Risks. Its activity is controlled by the Supervising Institute and also by the Management / Representation in Italy.

Our purpose is to evaluate the individual proposals for professionals and companies that we receive from a widespread partnership reality and from proposal studies devoted to so-called Affinity risks, study of insurance that speaks for groups that have similar characteristics to allow the development and implementation of conditions and highly competitive prices.

To get a personalized assessment of insurance risk, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information click on the link: www.uiainternational.com